Troop 303 – St. Michael the Archangel

Troop 303 was formed in 2023 in Fond Du Lac WI to support the sons and fathers of the Fond Du Lac area and surrounding communities as they seek to build their sons into faithful men.

St. Michael the Archangel is our Troop Patron Saint and was chosen as a example of how we want to model our lives. As the leader of God’s Army, St. Michael has four main responsibilities:

  • The first is to combat Satan.
  • The second is to escort the faithful to heaven at their hour of death
  • The third is to be a champion of all Christians, and the Church itself
  • The fourth is to call men from life on Earth to their heavenly judgement

We try to model these responsibilities in our own lives:

  • First is to be prepared for spiritual battle with Satan and all the evil spirits attacking our world.
  • Second is to serve as an example of piety for all of those in our lives, especially those nearing their calling to Heaven.
  • Third is to be a champion of all Christians, especially our local Church, in word, deed, and service.
  • Fourth is to be a call to all men, in life, to prepare themselves for their heavenly judgement.

Our Troop number is 303 which also has multiple levels of significance to us:

  • 303 AD: The traditional year of the martyrdom of St. George. Martyrdom is the highest sacrifice we can give in this life to God and our fellow Christians. It is a witness to the love that God has for us and the martyrs we venerate are examples of the level of faith we all strive to achieve.
  • Significance of the number 3: Three holds a special recognition in scripture and Tradition of the Church. It is usually associated with God’s perfection as recognized in the Trinity. Also, repetition of something three times is an expression of the superlative and many of our traditional blessings take a triune pattern.

National Troops of St. George

The Troops of Saint George is a fraternal Catholic nonprofit apostolate for priests, men, and young men looking for a life of adventure coupled with virtue. Initially founded in 2013 by Catholic author and professor Dr. Taylor Marshall we have become a collection of troops that do the following:

experience reverent and beautiful Masses on mountaintop vistas

 pray the Rosary with other men around fire pits in the freezing cold

 catch a Fish Friday meal by fly fishing for trout

 go to confession with our priests while kneeling on moss in the woods

 teach our sons archery, rockclimbing, marksmanship, fishing, survival skills…and Catholic virtues

 foster a love for the priesthood and a reverence for the sacrament of Matrimony

 support our local parish, our priests, our bishops, and community by being available for works of mercy and service

Photo by Azamat Hatypov on Pexels.com


“The Troops of Saint George apostolate aims to use the outdoors as our canvas and the sacraments as our path to light the way for the formation of Holy Catholic men and boys. Whether called to the vocation of the priesthood, the religious life, or that of Holy fatherhood, our fathers and sons will take a prayerful pilgrimage together to fulfill Christ’s desire for them to grow in virtue and in their Holy Catholic faith as they journey toward heaven.”
– Saint George, Pray for us.

Learn more about troops in your area and how you can start your own Troop of Saint George by clicking here.

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